As long as we live, they too will live; for they are now are a part of us; as we remember them.
– Jewish Prayer

Shiva Bin & Checklist

Shiva Bin

Our Shiva Bin is a simple and easy way to collect items you will need to host a shiva. The Shiva Bin is also an easy way to help a family currently planning a shiva for a loved one.

The bin contains the most "behind the scenes" items needed when hosting a shiva. The bin includes: disposable tableware for 100 people (clear, durable dinner and dessert plates, coffee cups, drink cups, silverware, dinner napkins & cocktail napkins) table covers, freezer bags for packaging food afterward, plastic wrap, mirror covers, garbage bags, paper towels, tissue paper, toilet paper, tracking sheets for contributions (e.g. food) brought by visitors, a checklist to be sure you have everything you need, permanent marker, pens, pencils, scissors and tape.  It even includes an extra trash can, a commonly needed item when hosting a shiva.

The price is $150 per bin. Delivery available upon request. Place your order here. (Local orders only)

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Shiva Checklist

Just need a checklist? Click here to contact us for a free checklist. This list walks you through the different items you may need and/or want to consider when hosting a Shiva.