5 Minute Honey Cake

When you work outside the home, have kids and are exhausted, but still want to make a honey cake for dessert (or in my case, Rosh Hashanah dinner) - this is a quick and easy recipe.  Took me 5 minutes to throw together and is now baking (bakes for 40 minutes).  

Enjoy and to those that celebrate - Shana Tova (happy new year) to you and your loved ones! 


2 eggs

3/4 cup honey

1 cup sugar

1 cup oil

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp. cinnamon

2 1/2 cups flour

1 cup (brewed) coffee

Mix it all together and bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees.


Blinds Cost What?!?

After living in our house for four years, we decided we would really like blinds in the living room, dinning room and kitchen.  (We already installed some in the bedrooms.)  We picked out a few types and received an estimate. I had NO idea how much blinds could cost!  So that's not happening right now. However, we live next a large Catholic church and while we LOVE waiving to everyone walking to mass each morning in our PJ's....we are ready for something to cover the windows. Now I love the paper blinds that we purchased from amazon four years ago, but I admit though that they are looking a little worn these days. (And I am tired of the eye rolling from my mother when she visits. Love you Mom. :)

So after exploring some ideas, I went to amazon and purchased non-adhesive window covers that allow light in, but block people from being able to see inside.  

Putting them on was easy and happy with the end result. Here is what was involved.

  1. Shop for them. In other words, go on Amazon and click order. DONE! (Thank you amazon)
  2. Cut the material.  Just need scissors, although a box cutter would be even better. I couldn't find ours so scissors won in our house.  Oh and being able to cut in a straight line really helps.
  3. Wet the window with soap and water (per the instructions) and leave wet.
  4. Peel the back off of the window cover.  This is a bit hard. You either need fingernails or something with a sharp, thin edge.  Wants you get it started, it is very easy.
  5. Stick to window.  (We choose not to do the whole window because we are not so tall that we needed the entire thing covered.)
  6. Use a credit card to push all the air bubbles out.
  7. Extra step if needed.  You can even trim the edges once applied, if needed.  And if you need to re-adjust you can take it off and re-apply.

I took two quick photos - one from the inside and outside (see below). You can't see inside the house from the yard and the light is still able to come through. This was important to us because the natural light is one of the reasons we chose this house.

In the end, to cover the 5-6 windows (similar to the ones in the pic) it will cost us $75 and will maybe take an hour (I am close to finishing).  Please note: that is an hour with no kids around. If you are doing this with kids around, add 2 hours for multiple interruptions, questions and fights you need to break up. If you don't have these issues when your kids are around and you are trying to complete a project, please keep that to yourself.  :)  

Here is the link to the product I used - other designs available.  

Good-bye paper blinds. Thank you for your hard work over the last 4 years. We will miss you. 



Side window (from outside)
Window (inside)

Holes in Pizza Crust?


Have you ever seen small holes in pizza crust and wondered why?  Well, wonder no more.  We all know that pizza crust can be somewhat soggy especially if loaded with tons of toppings.  In order to create a crispier crust, small holes are rolled into the raw dough with a dough punch roller.  By doing this to the crust before going in the oven, the holes create more air flow and allow steam to exit the crust.  And, what is the result?  A crispy, less soggy crust with no bubbles.  Interested in a dough punch roller, check it out on Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/SCI-Scandicrafts-Dough-Punch-Roller/dp/B001TJ10GO